Services at AMG

Your choice for general and specialised medical care

Services at Grimshaw

Your choice for general and specialise medical care

AMG doctors are experienced in a broad range of general practice and treat all age groups.

Chronic Care Management

Provides a framework for the assessment of patient's overall well-being.

Family Planning

There are many different options available for contraception.


Routine government childhood immunisations are available at our clinic.

Pre-employment Medical Checks

Comprehensive medical checks to ensure that an employee is physically capable of performing.

Men's Health

Includes preventative health care, chronic disease management and bowel cancer screening.

Women's Health

Family planning, preventative health care, chronic disease management and cervical screening.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Checks

Regular health checks in Indigenous communities aim to identify and treat diseases early, improving their health outcomes.

Mental Health Assessments and Support

We offer tailored support for stress-related challenges and mental health issues, ensuring proper assessment and treatment.

Children's Health


From infancy to adolescence, we offer comprehensive care and urgent assistance for children, supporting parents through every stage.

Other Services We Offer

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