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Grimshaw St. Medical and Sister Clinic Plenty Road Health Services

Serving the Bundoora and Plenty Road community

Providing high quality and holistic primary medical care.

Amit Medical Group is a reputable healthcare center specializing in general practice, delivering high-quality medical services at our clinics situated in the Bundoora and Plenty Road neighborhoods of Melbourne, Victoria.

Your Care is Our Value

The Pillars of our Service

Dedicated to finding better ways to cater to our patients and to give the best care.


We strive to perform at a level that provides outstanding, innovative, ethically appropriate quality outcomes. Our general practitioners and staff endeavor to continue to engage in various professional educational activities and inspire, motivate fellow team members.

Integrity and Ethics

We push ourselves to create a professional work environment that upholds personal integrity, ethics, responsibility, and accountability. We adhere to the highest professional standards at all times in our professional activities and approach to our patients' care and wellbeing.


Respect Diversity and Fairness

We respect and value each & every individuals irrespective of their social-economic status or ethnic backgrounds, and treat them without prejudice. We honor and celebrate the diverse experience & knowledge that diverse people bring to Grimshaw

Street medical Clinic.

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Providing high quality and holistic primary medical care to all patients.


Serving the Bundoora Community

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